24 déc. 2015

All the 'Happy Birthday' song copyright claims are invalid, federal judge rules - LA Times

The story began in 1893, with a Kentucky schoolteacher and her older
sister. Patty Smith Hill and Mildred J. Hill wrote the song for Patty's
kindergarten students, titling it "Good Morning To All." The original
lyrics Patty wrote were: "Good morning to you / Good morning to you /
Good morning, dear children / Good morning to all."

Patty later said that she had worked with her sister to compose a simple
melody to match the words that could be easily sung by young children.

The sisters published the song in a book called "Song Stories for the
Kindergarten," and assigned the copyright to their publisher, Clayton F.
Summy Co., in exchange for a cut of the sales.

That was only the beginning of the tangled web of copyright law various
attorneys have argued may or may not apply to one of the world's most
famous songs

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